Review: Owning Violet by Monica Murphy


There is nothing I love more than a book that hooks me from the very first chapter. Owning Violet nailed me from the start…no pun intended lol. This had everything that I look for in a good romance book. I call it my smexy check list. You got your angst, conflict, and foul mouthed hottie. […]

Spotlight: For Love or Legacy by Ruth Cardello

For Love or Legacy, Book 2 of the Legacy Collection  by Ruth Cardello  Genre: Contemporary Romance, Billionaires Sales Price: $0.99       Limited Time Only     Amazon Amazon CA Amazon UK Nook Link   Nicole Corisi will lose her inheritance if she doesn’t find a way around the terms of her father’s will, […]

Book Tour: Behind the Stars by Leigh Talbert Moore


Readers are saying… “FIVE STARS: Very interesting and easy to fall into. As you read it gets more and more interesting, and I loved all the build up and excitement to the end. It ended just as I hoped it would, and the whole “Lord of The flies” with the boys was great!” –Mom with […]

New Release: 18 Thoughts (My So-Called Afterlife #3) by Jamie Ayres

18 Thoughts cover

18 Thoughts (My So-Called Afterlife #3) blurb: Olga Gay Worontzoff left the Underworld for her final year of high school anxious for things to return to normal, but fate has other plans. Somehow, the new hottie at school reads her thoughts but nobody else’s. And her best friend wakes up from his coma acting like […]

Read-Along & Giveaway: The Winner’s Trilogy by Marie Rutkoski


Hello awesome blog readers!! Good Choice Reading has teamed up with a couple of blogging buddies to bring you all a read-along of The Winner’s Curse and The Winner’s Crime! The read-along will be broken down into chapters, and will run from February 3rd – March 31st. We will share and discuss our thoughts on […]

Book Tour Release: Blood Monarch (The Dragon Hunters Book 6) by Drako

RDB Banner

  About the Book: A king’s duty never ends, even when his kingdom changes. Vladimir Dracula is one of the most famous and misunderstood figures in all of history. One thing is true, he is a king, and he is a vampire. He is the true king and enforcer of the vampire race. Feared by […]

Book Tour: Hook Author by K.R. Thompson

Title: Hook Author: K.R. Thompson Genre: Fantasy/Fairytale/Adventure Hosted By: DRC Promotions    Synopsis Archie Jameson sat in the dark corners of the print shop, dreaming of adventure.    Today, it found him.   Caught in a chilly October storm, he ducked into a tavern, hoping to escape the rain. What he found, was a room […]

Book Tour & Giveaway: Remote by Lisa Acerbo


Genres: Science Fiction, Romance Blurb: When technology fulfills every dream, reality becomes a nightmare. Below the streets of New State, the undergrounders fight to remain free of the technological control of the world above. Every night, Yara risks her life fighting New State’s deadliest weapons, the drones. Half human and half machine, their living half […]

Book Tour Review: Hopebreaker: A Steampunk Dystopian Fantasy (The Great Iron War, Book 1) by Dean F. Wilson

Hopebreaker Banner

Genre: SciFi / Steampunk / Dark Fantasy / Dystopian Book Blurb: In the world of Altadas, there are no more human births. The Regime is replacing the unborn with demons, while the Resistance is trying to destroy a drug called Hope that the demons need to survive. Between these two warring factions lies Jacob, a […]

Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Bound By Spells by Stormy Smith

    Release Date: March 19, 2015 Aidan Montgomery hadn’t been prepared for Amelia Bradbury to walk in and then out of his life. He also hadn’t expected to find the powerful magic hidden deep within him for the last nineteen years, but he’s embracing it — finding more control and more answers every day. […]