Blogger/Reader Appreciation Event

1. First off, tell us who you are. Let us know a little bit about yourself.
Heather: Hiya, I’m Heather. I co-blog for A Little Bit of R&R. I’m 30, married for the past six years to a great dude, and we have one 3 year old son. I’m a licensed social worker in Texas, which I’ve been doing since 2007. 🙂 I ready just about any books and I love meeting folks and helping others.
Ren: Hey there! I’m Ren. I’m the original chick from A Little Bit of R&R. I’m 30 years old and have a rad ass 5 year old boy. I work in the Reference department at a library here in Jersey and have been here for 11 years!
2. Why do you blog about books?
Heather: I love to read and help authors.
Ren: Because why not? I love to tell people about the books I love. I’m a huge indie reader and a lot of the people I recommend books to don’t even know about them. I always help out when I can.
3. What books are your favourites? which author do you thank most for making you a book lover?
Heather: My favorite have to the huge genre and sub genres that make up fantasy and paranormal. I became a huge reader when I started with Tamora Pierce and L.J. Smith as a youngin.
Ren: I have a whole story of how I became a reader. I’m sure it would bore you to death so I’ll just give you the basics. Evermore by Alyson Noel is the book that got me started. Significance by Shelly Crane is the one that made me fall in love with reading. I have too many favorites to list but you can check out my yearly favs by searching the blog.
4. Where can we find you? Twitter? Website? Any sort of social media platform.
Twitter: @1laureezy3 (it’s Ren’s twitter but all the stuff gets posted there anyway)
5. What is the hardest part about being a blogger/reviewer?
Heather: Keeping organized and finding time.
Ren: DEADLINES! They call them dead for a reason. I’m a rebel and don’t like deadlines so I hardly sign up for tours and whatnot. I’m a workaholic so finding the time to read lately has been challenging. I like to work at my own pace.
6. Besides blogging what else do you do? Do you work? Are you a parent? Do you walk your cat on the moon? (This will totally be a thing one day.)
Heather: Licensed social worker with kids/families, have 3 year old son/married to a great dude, and I take naps frequently.
Ren: I work two and a half jobs LOL I say half because the last one I do when I want to. I work full time at one library and part time at another. I have a 5 year old boy who I cause insane amounts of trouble with. I would like to kick my cats to the moon LOL JK I love them…especially when they sleep on my face.
7. What do you, as a blogger, do for the community?
Heather: Review books, introduce people to books, help authors anyway I can, hang out and talk about books ;D
Ren: When I’m not plotting world domination, I like to help authors and other bloggers. I’ve made it my mission to be a mentor to other bloggers. I like to help them out when it comes to their blog sites, or any questions they would ever ask. Authors are my rock stars. I’ll always be there when they need me
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