Make Your Blog Pretty #3: Social Media Buttons

  This was a Dragon Hussy tutorial suggestion (hehe) Shona asked “How do you make social media buttons.” If you are savvy with an image manipulation program, feel free to make an awesome button of your own. There are also FREE social media icons that you can use. All you have to do is Google […]

Make Your Blog Pretty #2: Page Breaks

Hello! Today’s tutorial will be on page breaks. You might be wondering what in the world a page break is. If you are anything like me you always accidentally DOUBLE BOOK your blog on a specific day. Shame on me! It’s okay though!! Using page breaks basically means that you are truncating the post on […]

Make Your Blog Pretty #1: Block Quotes

Hey everyone! I talked about doing one of these posts a while ago and never got around to it.If you have a tutorial that you’d like me to cover, comment below or shoot me an email at! The most common question I get asked by blogging newbies is “How do you get those cool […]