Review: Controlling the Dead by Annie Walls

      Love zombies? Strong plot lines? A machete wielding heroine who paints? WHY have you not read this yet? Walk… run… hurry and go buy this book! Kansas and her buddies return for more zombie butt kicking and heart wrenching action in book two of The Famished Series by Annie Walls. Kansas has […]

Review: Dangerous Desire by Annie Seaton

Gracie is the quintessential schoolmarm who is actually sexy… and Jake is the broken cop with a chip on his shoulder. Gracie is trying to find her wild sister who has disappeared. One night she descends on the docks to scout out her sister’s last location dressed … well… not like a schoolmarm. Jake is […]

Review: Secrets and Sins: Malachim (A Secrets and Sins Novel #2) by Naima Simone

So, Danielle’s life kinda sucks. Her first husband is a controlling and abusive nut job. She’s on the run with a new identity after putting his nasty self behind bars, but is barely surviving with a new job as waitress at a diner. Though she was once a successful lawyer, she meets up with yummy […]