Review: Onyx Webb: Book Seven: Episodes 19, 20 & 21 by Richard Fenton, Andrea Waltz

How can a series just keep getting better and better, I have no clue! This is an amazing series that just keeps pulling you into the web that has become joined by the characters. It is amazing how we have gone from the past to the present and the characters are entwine in some way […]

Review: It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover (SPOILERS)

Hopefully if I put enough periods the preview on Facebook wont show any spoilers. I don’t even think I would consider this a review…it’s more like I have these things I need to get off my chest. . . . . . . . . . . While this is only the second book of […]

Review: Reckless Magic by Rachel Higginson

If you’re one of my blog followers, you may have noticed that my reviews have been non-existent for quite a while. I could sit here all day and try to explain why but you don’t hear that lol. It’s hard to be a reader and a reviewer when you’re a single mom working multiple jobs. […]

Review: Party Girl Crashes the Rapture (Tenebrous Chronicles) by M.E. Purfield

Man oh man where do I start with this book? I do have to admit I like this author’s writing style and I have enjoyed his other work especially the Miki Raddic series so this was a bit different for me to read. I really was not connecting with the main character Lorelei at first […]

Review: Inhale, Exhale by Sarah M. Ross

OMG!!! I can’t remember the last time I devoured a book this fast! I don’t even know where to start. I had this whole spiel in my head of what I wanted to write. I sat down to go write it and my computer crapped out on me :(. Now my thoughts are somewhere in […]

In a Blackened Sky Where Dreams Collide: Miki Radicci Book 2 M.E. Purfield

So I read book one in this series and loved Miki. She is a sixteen year old artist who is on her own living with her grandpa and her best friend. If you read book one which I highly recommend  then you will know that she has what some may call a gift but she believes […]

Review: The Express by R.K. Howard

So when I saw what this book was about I was thinking it was going to be straight up horror. For me it wasn’t at all scary didn’t give me goosebumps or anything. The only thing I think that I enjoyed was what was coming out of the sky to grab those waiting in line, […]

Book Review: A Shade of Vampire (A Shade of Vampire #1) by Bella Forrest

I really, really enjoyed this book! This lovely young adult paranormal novel had all the right elements to make it a classic read for my vampire loving heart. The heroine was vulnerable, but strong and extremely likable. It had some dark elements and explored fear and violence. In the heaping pile of young adult, new […]

Review: Hell Holes: What Lurks Below (Hell Holes, #1) by Donald G. Firesmith

First let me say if you would like to get this book than you may get it free on Smashwords . So I read what the book was about and figured it was going about sink holes and maybe a new world down below. I have  already read another book about sink holes so I figured […]

Review: Sinking Stones in the Sky by M.E. Purfield

So the characters in this book are in other books this I didn’t know when I started reading it. Though I have to say it just made me want to go and read the other books with these main characters as they both seem to have some good back stories going on. Especially when Miki […]