Spotlight: Sabotage by Bryan Koepke

Title: Sabotage Author: Bryan Koepke Publisher: Writers Cabin Press, Ltd. Pages: 316 Genre: Thriller Reece Culver and his friend Haisley Averton travel to Scotland with only one thing on their minds – fishing. After witnessing an automobile accident involving a freelance journalist they quickly realize that something far greater than a crash caused his SUV […]

Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Clutch by Lisa Becker

clutch: a novel ISBN: 978-0692489895 or 0692489894 Page count: 190 Genre: Chick Lit/Contemporary Romance/New Adult Blurb: Clutch is the laugh-out-loud, chick lit story that chronicles the dating misadventures of Caroline Johnson, a single purse designer, who goes through a series of unsuccessful romantic relationships she compares to various styles of handbags – the “Hobo” starving […]

Book Tour: Star Rider: On the Razor’s Edge by Heidi Skarie

Science Fiction / Visionary Fiction Date Published: December 2014 Blurb: Undercover operative Toemeka Ganti, code-named Star Rider, lives on the edge. Her latest mission is to overthrow the despot of Jaipar, General Bhandar. His protection comes from sorcerer Samrat Condor, an interplanetary conqueror whose space fleet destroyed Toemeka’s home planet and killed her family years […]

Spotlight & Giveaway: Wanderer’s Escape by Simon Goodson

Wanderer’s Escape Science Fiction Date Published: January 8, 2013 Jess was born a prisoner, grew up a prisoner and at sixteen knew he would die a prisoner. When his turn comes to try to break through the traps protecting a spaceship it seems his day to die has come. The ship, and others like it, […]

Book Tour & Giveaway: Blood Stitches by Erin Fanning

Blood Stitches by Erin Fanning Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy  Amazon B&N Kensington Books   Every year on Halloween, the god of the Mayan underworld holds a demonic ball and auction. Many attend; not everyone survives… ~~~ It’s called El Toque de la Luna–The Touch of the Moon. At least that’s how nineteen-year-old Gabby’s older […]

Spotlight & Giveaway: Kenna’s Reverie by Claire Granger

Kenna is a pretty typical single mom. She takes her 5 kids to dance, soccer, and scouts. She just happens to make her living as an erotic book blogger. She has accepted the fact that she will probably always be single, until her dream fantasy man is sitting right in front of her. Jax likes […]

Book Spotlight: Title: I, Mary by Mike Hartner

Title: I, Mary Author: Mike Hartner Publisher: Eternity 4 Popsickle Publishing Pages: 266 Genre: Historical Romance Mary Crofter’s first trip on the water was just after her first birthday, when her parents came from her birthplace in Kilwa to Portsmouth. She’s been on several trips from Portsmouth to London and other places since. She loves […]

Book Blitz: The Grand Dissolute by Joel Van Valin

The Grand Dissolute By Joel Van Valin The year is 1998 and Jimmy Pagley is falling in love—with a pretty, foreign cafe waitress named Haydee. What he doesn’t know is that Haydee is a temvelar, a time traveler from the 29th century, on a mission to find her old mentor. Soon Jimmy and Haydee find […]

Spotlight, Featured Authors, & Giveaway: Wild Sky: A Night Sky novel Kindle Edition by Suzanne Brockmann and Melanie Brockmann

Title: Wild Sky Authors: Suzanne and Melanie Brockmann Release Date: October 6, 2015 Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire Genre: Young Adult (Paranormal) Summary Skylar is a girl with extraordinary power. A girl with a mission to use her Greater-Than gifts to stop the makers of Destiny from getting people hooked on their deadly drug. But Sky is […]

Spotlight & Giveaway: The Storm (Sequel to H2O) by Virginia Bergin

DEADLY TO THE LAST DROP . Ninety-seven percent of the population is dead. And the killer rain keeps falling. Ruby’s not sure she can make it on her own much longer. So when a chance encounter leads her to a camp with the last boy she may ever kiss (it’s not easy to date during […]