Spotlight, Featured Authors, & Giveaway: Wild Sky: A Night Sky novel Kindle Edition by Suzanne Brockmann and Melanie Brockmann

Title: Wild Sky Authors: Suzanne and Melanie Brockmann Release Date: October 6, 2015 Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire Genre: Young Adult (Paranormal) Summary Skylar is a girl with extraordinary power. A girl with a mission to use her Greater-Than gifts to stop the makers of Destiny from getting people hooked on their deadly drug. But Sky is […]

Spotlight & Giveaway: The Storm (Sequel to H2O) by Virginia Bergin

DEADLY TO THE LAST DROP . Ninety-seven percent of the population is dead. And the killer rain keeps falling. Ruby’s not sure she can make it on her own much longer. So when a chance encounter leads her to a camp with the last boy she may ever kiss (it’s not easy to date during […]

Spotlight & Giveaway: Secret to Tell by Natalie D. Richards

Title: My Secret to Tell Author: Natalie D. Richards Pubdate: October 6th, 2015 ISBN: 9781492615712 His smile is a crime. Emerson May is “the good girl.” She’s the perfect daughter, the caring friend, the animal shelter volunteer. But when her best friend’s brother breaks into her room, his hands covered in blood, she doesn’t scream […]

Spotlight: From the Mountain Mark of Powers (Book 1) by L.L. Crane

Title: From the Mountain Author: L.L. Crane Series: Mark of Powers (Book 1) Genre: Young Adult Dystopian Fiction Publisher: Self Published Release Date: February 14 2015 Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print Blurb/Synopsis: What would you do if you were one of the last of your kind on earth? Sixteen year old Teak’s Mark of […]

Blog Tour: The Secrets of Yashire by Diamante Lavendar

Title: The Secrets of Yashire; Emerging from the Shadows Author: Diamante Lavendar Series: Stand Alone Genre: YA Fantasy Adventure Publisher: Shelf Published Release Date: Jan 9 2014 Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print Blurb/Synopsis: The Secrets of Yashire: Emerging from the Shadows is a young adult fantasy adventure that occurs within the framework of a […]

Book Tour & Giveaway: Alpha Unleashed Series: The Alpha Girl Series Book #: 5 by Aileen Erin

  Presented By: Title: Alpha Unleashed Series: The Alpha Girl Series Vol or Book #: 5 Author:  Aileen Erin Audience: YA, 14+ E-Book Publisher: Ink Monster, LLC Cover by: Art by Ana Cruz ;  Graphics by Paddy Donnelly Editor: Ink Monster, LLC Pages: unknown at this time ISBN: 97809906352A0M ASIN: B00NX52A0M Date Published: 10-13-15   […]

Release Day Blitz: Travelers by Meradeth Houston

Blurb: Sienna Crenshaw knows the rules: 1) no time traveling beyond your natural lifetime, 2) no screwing with death, and 3) no changing the past. Ever. Sienna doesn’t love being stuck in the present, but she’s not the type to break the rules. That is, she wasn’t the type until her best friend broke every […]

Book Blitz: Fated Soul by N.R. Wick

Fated Soul N.R. Wick Genre: YA Paranormal Romance Adelaide has the power to save Trent from death, but messing with fate has dangerous consequences. As an Exanimus, Adelaide’s job is to take care of the sands of fate and collect souls immediately after death. She loves her work but misses being a living, breathing teenaged […]

Bloodline Inheritance Blog Tour

“Kill her,” he said. She shook her head fiercely and whispered, “Please don’t. Please… I will surrender, but please have mercy.” Her eyes were wide, and she winced from the pain the orbs had caused. They struck the body like daggers, but they were not lethal. She could live, though she would require a lengthy […]

Review: Eyeballs Growing All Over Me …Again by Tony Rauch

So I read the synopsis on this and figured okay it was going to be one of those weird books I am sure I could get into it. I was wrong. I tried everything to really enjoy the book but it just didn’t call to me like I hoped it would, I am down for […]