Giveaway: 2 -Day Exhibitor + Signing 1/2 Table for #UTOPiA2016 & War Games Info


Hey everyone! I am so honored to be a part of #UTOPiA2016! They’ve brought back all of the official bloggers for this momentous occasion. I have some awesome news to share with you today AND a giveaway! This is my first post this year as an official blogger and I’m excited to share the journey to UTOPiA with you all.

Utopia 2016 Declares

War Games

Currently slated for Saturday, June 25, 2016 as part of #UTOPiA2016, sides will be chosen, and the games will begin. Think of it as an adult field day!


Three-legged Races

Egg/Spoon Races

Potato Sack Races

Corn Hole

and so much more!!


Ribbons will be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. It will be so fun, you’ll feel like you’re a kid again.

In an effort to include fans in more UTOPiAcon activities, build the tribe’s connections, and get out in nature to nurture our hearts and minds, War Games will take place out by the pool on the grassy area on Saturday of #Utopia2016.

Arm yourself with tickets now!

Now for the GIVEAWAY!

UTOPiA is giving away a 2-Day Exhibitor + Signing 1/2 Table

The Deets:

Exhibitor space is great for:

  • authors
  • publishers
  • agents
  • editors
  • photographers
  • book cover designers
  • web designers
  • PR firms
  • crafters — jewelry, apparel, art, etc.
  • Any service or business that would benefit from the enthusiastic reading and writing community of young adult and new adult books and films.

Each HALF Table includes ONE chair = ONE Admission ticket. Admission includes access to conference Wed, June 22 – Sun, June 26: welcome bag keynote speeches, panels, exhibitor hall, karaoke, pre-awards happy hour, the Fifth Annual Utopia Awards, post-awards dance party and signing events. Does NOT include: Mastery Workshops, apparel, lunches.

  • You may sell merchandise & giveaway swag — “MERCHANDISE” INCLUDES BOOKS.
  • Exhibitor Widget/Badge for your web site
  • Featured in official utopYA 2015 informational materials, either online or in print.
  • Volunteer help to load-in, load-out
  • Promotion in social media posts

The tables are 6′ long / 30″ wide / 3′ tall. You will have half of that table.


A person/business selling or offering to sell new merchandise to the public on temporary premises and does not have a permanent, fixed location in Tennessee where the business is conducted is considered a transient vendor. A transient vendor can be both a Tennessee resident or an out of Tennessee resident. Prior to the event date, a transient vendor is required to obtain a 14-day permit from this office to conduct business in this county and/or city. If the permit expires prior to the scheduled ending date, then a new permit must be obtained for an additional 14 days. If the temporary site is located in the Urban Services District (USD) Millennium Maxwell House Hotel is in the Urban Services District, then the permit fee is $112.00. If located in the General Services District (GSD), the permit fee is $57.00. For additional information please contact (615) 862-6254 extension 77150.

Application for Transient Vendor License

Examples of businesses requiring a transient vendor license are: Convention show booth tenants where products are sold; seminars where products are sold; out of state parades or special event participants.

utopYA, LLC recommends obtaining one. If you decide not to get one, you do so at your own risk. utopYA, LLC and the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel are not liable in the unlikely occurrence that we are visited by “the man.”

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be sure you check out the other official blogger’s posts for UTOPiA news, giveaways and more invited guests. You can subscribe to their blogs as well!

Here is the schedule for every month:

Week 1: Jo Michaels Blog and The Paisley Reader

Week 2: A Book Vacation and Delphia Reads Too Much

Week 3: My Book Addiction and A Little Bit of R&R

Week 4: Book Junkie: Not-So-Anonymous and Tsk Tsk What to Read

Every Two Weeks: Lulo FanGirl

And, make sure to check out all the other ways you can keep up with news about the goings on at UTOPiAcon for 2016.

Utopia blog | UTOPiAcon BUZZ Flipboard | A Daily Cup of Jo Radio Show | We Are Going to Utopia! Unofficial Facebook Group | UTOPiAcon Official Facebook Page | @utopia_con on Twitter

Come join us and FIGHT FOR YOUR WRITE!

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    What a great giveaway!!! I’d love to meet everyone and enjoy the experience! I’ve never been

  • Courtney Farrell

    I have been to UtopYA two years in a row, and would love to make it three. The authors and bloggers there are all so welcoming and friendly.

  • PK Hrezo

    What a great giveaway!!! 😊

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    Awesome giveaway to an Awesome event! You rock <3

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    Can’t wait!

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    Great giveaway 🙂

  • I am looking forward to meeting with so many like-minded people! MY people!

  • That’s quite the prize! Good luck everyone!

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    Can’t freakin’ wait til next June!

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    Can’t wait to see everyone there! ^_^

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    Wait a great giveaway!! Can’t wait, 2016 will be my first time at UtopYA and my 2nd books signing! 😀

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    Actually being able to go for once! Lol plus it’s the day after my birthday so double trouble! I really hope I get to go and meet everyone!

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    I look forward to seeing all my book friends and awesome authors!

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    Everything!!! I can’t wait for everything Utopia!!

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    Reuniting with my with all the wonderful people I met last year. Fingers crossed!

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    I’m looking forward to seeing all my peoples!

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    Gosh… I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again, to learning during the informative panels, to seeing fans, to getting new books… gosh… don’t get me started lol 😛