Review: Heart on the Devil’s Sleeve (Miki Radicci Book 7/Tenebrous Chronicles)

We are back with Miki in book seven this is one where we get some answers about why her father and mother took her money and left. Though it may not be for the reason that Miki knows. We see how she will get close to the truth but receive heartbreak in return. There seems […]

Review: A Girl Close to Death (Miki Radicci Book 6/Tenebrous Chronicles) by M.E. Purfield

Man Miki is at it again. This girl just can not catch a break when it comes to staying out of trouble. She has left Elite and is back to just doing what she wants. She is trying to have a relationship with Parker, but I am not sure if her lifestyle will allow it. […]

Cover Reveal: Kill For An Autograph by T. L. Sullivan

  Tabitha Lawrence, plain Jane by day, sexual adventuress by night. Garrett Silver, the Adonis of the Twenty-First century, centerfold to the literary community. Tabitha attends the largest book signing in the nation, where she meets Garrett Silver, the man of her dreams. When her two worlds collide, will the chemistry fuse them together or will […]

Review: Onyx Webb: Book Six: Episodes 16, 17 & 18 by: Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz

This book series is just getting better and better. I am not sure how the authors keep everything together and weaving so well. We are introduced to new characters one who I believe may just bring down the serial killer that has been within the books. If you have not read the books I highly […]

Book Tour: Rockin’ Rhythm by Bella Jeanisse

  Warning: For those 18 and over only. May not be suitable for all readers.   Ash Taylor lives life without making deep connections with anything other than his brothers and his bass. His past has jaded him to love and makes him fear getting too close. Then Michelle walks into his life. Every night, […]

Review: Onyx Webb: Book Five (Onyx Webb #5) by Richard Fenton, Andrea Waltz

We get to look more into Bruce’s past and how the killer of Juniper Cole really seems to have it out for Bruce and his family. This book was more of the Mulvaney family though we do get our other characters from the other books in here. It was nice to really  get an insight […]

Review: Reaperlands: Los Muertos Trail: Reaperlands Part Two by Roy Burdine

I have to say I felt this book was a bit better than the first one. Gus and Oscar are back and are doing another run as reapers. If you don’t know what reapers are well they take from the dead and sell, because the dead don’t need the things they left behind. This one […]

Re-Release: Tempestuous by Nicole Austin

*´¨✫) ¸.•´¸.•*´¨)✯ ¸.•*¨) ✮ (¸.•´✶ 💖Re-Release Tempestuous by Nicole Austin💖     Once a woman’s deepest, darkest desires have been exposed—whetting her appetite for taboo pleasures of the flesh—her unquenchable hungers will not be denied. Floggers and whips Chains and leather restraints Erotic rewards and punishments…oh my! Seduced by stories and the forbidden lure of […]

Book Tour & Giveaway: Icarus Rising by N.W. Moors

Icarus Rising by N.W. Moors Paranormal Romance Date Published: 9/6/16 Publisher: Sunday Morning Publishing After his fall to Earth, Icarus has been in Hell, punished for his hubris. When he wins a chance at parole, he’s thrilled – except for the set of wings attached to his body. Eve Gregory runs a small bookstore in […]

Book Tour: The Reflection of Innocence by John Tolliver

Literary Fiction, Paranormal Fiction, Historical Fiction, Metaphysical Fiction Date Published: February 2016 If you could see the memories of every person you met would it be a blessing or a curse? John Calabrace’s life has been in havoc since he was a very small child. He spends his life fighting through a flood of memories, […]